Top Ten Reasons to Vote for “I Geek for Creativity”


My blog and personal brand, I Geek for Creativity (aka @TweetRightBrain), is a finalist in the Brand .Me Personal Branding Contest.  More details are found at the Personal Branding Blog.  Here is why you should cast your votes before the deadline on April 28, midnight pacific time.

1. A Vote for Geekiness. 

We all have a geek within, a passion for something.  Chris Brogan is passionate about social media.  Seth Godin is passionate about marketing.  Dan Schawbel is passionate about personal branding.  And, a friend of mine is passionate about hot sauce.  Find your inner geek and you will reignite your inner happiness.  Blog about it.  Tweet about it.  Brand it.  And, support mine.

2. Support Creativity.  

In case you have not noticed, I Geek for Creativity…and creative thinking and innovation and ideation and brainstorming and all things right-brained. We live in a left-brained world and it is easy to lose whole-brained balance and to forget how to “think outside the left brain.”  Your valued support is a vote for the right-brained child in all of us.

3. Anonymous. 

No one shall ever know that you voted for a geek.  To vote, you do not have to register or reveal your identity.  Note: I assume that some mysterious internal code will prevent you from voting more than once or for more than one vote per category.   You can even tell everyone that you voted for that other blog with cooler graphics or pictures of baby animals, and no one will know that you did not.  So, go ahead.  A vote for me is a vote for your inner geek.

4. Apple Fanboy. 

Sorry about this Steve Jobs, but this blog was written using a Dell desktop computer with a Windows operating system.  I love my iPhone and if I win in the Hobby/Interest category, I will use the Apple gift card to buy an iPad, with all the trimmings.  I will also begin using the Safari browser.  My blogging will go mobile.  To hedge my bet, I will vote for the guy in the other category that is giving away an iPad.

5. Lose 5 Calories. 

Sure, I guess this works with any vote.  But, did the other finalists remind you of this healthful benefit from voting?  Even better: retweet this blog post for double the benefit.

6. Wannabe Survivor. 

I made it thus far, a finalist from thousands…I mean hundreds…of entries.  Rejection stinks. “You’re fired.” “You have been voted out of the house.” “Denny, you are in last place in this amazing race.”  I hate when these things happen.  Please vote to keep me on the island.

7. No Politics.  

If you vote for me now, I promise not to run for political office anywhere, anytime, anyhow.  One less future politician…that is a good thing, is it not?

8. Reciprocity. 

If you ever need my vote, I’m there.  Running for public office, I will vote for you. Desire a seat at the PTA, I will vote for you.  Need another thumbs up for your latest YouTube video, I will press the “Like” button.  You scratch my vote button and I will scratch yours.

9. Think Outside the Box. 

Think inside the box, on top of the box, under the box.  Imagine the box.  If you must, tear up the box and make something new.  See there.  This creative lesson alone is worth the price of one vote.  I promise to use this blog for only the creative good and to continue with such valued advice for many days to come.  I will never charge a subscription fee. I will never raise the price of admission.  I will never charge interest when your comments are late.  And, I will never expect anything in return, except for an occasional retweet of a blog post deemed worthy.

10. Only one vote, per category. 

Yes, all these blogs are excellent. To quote someone from the academy awards, “I am honored just to have been nominated.”  And, we are all winners just to have you honor us with a click to visit our blogs.  Vote here for your favorite Brand .Me Personal Branding blogs:

Thank you. 

Denny McCorkle


2 Comments on “Top Ten Reasons to Vote for “I Geek for Creativity””

  1. MommaDJane says:

    I love your top ten. Thanks for the giggle. I appreciate you stopping by my blog, it’s nice to see who we are running against, huh? Pretty exciting!


  2. Denny McCorkle says:

    DJane, thanks for your comment. Your blog and personal brand are excellent. I wish you good success in the competition.


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