Embrace Your Inner Geek (Find, Feed & Share Your Passion)


I geek for creativity. Yes, I do.

For years, I have loved to learn about the creative process: creative thinking, innovation, ideation, brainstorming, imagination, curiosity, right brain play, day and night dreams, etc. 

Then: books, seminars, videos, and games fed my passion for the process. 

Now: websites, blogs, RSS feeds, e-mail newsletters, and tweets fuel my right brained thinking. 

How geek am I? 

New insights and discoveries on these subjects send a chill up my spine, an electrode through my cerebellum, fresh thoughts in my head, words on my lips, ink on my fingertips, and taps on my keyboard.  Yes, I geek for creativity.

But, what about you?  What type of geek are you? What are you passionate about? 

If I were to review your Facebook page, RSS subscriptions, Amazon wishlist, Flickr photos, Google Profile, web browser bookmarks, e-mail subscriptions, blog posts, tweets, doodles, private diary, personal essays, PVR recordings, hobbies, private collections, magazine subscriptions, daydreams, or life experiences:

What would this reveal about your passions?

Why is finding your inner geek important?

A passion brings out the best in you.  It is the essence of you.  It represents your best foot forward and a base or platform for your best and most meaningful work. A happier you is a more productive and successful you in all areas of life.

A passion provides an outlet for your creativity.  Doing or learning about something that you love provides the best opportunity to find creative flow.

A passion may guide you to a better and more enjoyable career, or more appropriate job tasks in your current job/career.

A passion provides incubation time for new ideas that will enhance your work, home, relationships, or play.  To break focus or shift-task is a good thing and a passion provides a nice creative diversion that will help you to return to a previous task with a fresh perspective.

A passion can provide you a personal brand, persona, or identity in the social media.  If you follow the tweets, subscribe to the RSS blog feeds and connect with likeminded people with the same or similar passions, your passion will grow stronger.  And, all the above benefits will be magnified.

What gets your geek on?

1. Answer these questions:

What are you passionate about?
In what subjects do you know more than the average person does?
In what subjects are you an expert?
In what subjects are you an opinion leader (or, what do others ask you most about because you know more than they do)?
What are your hobbies or lifestyles (how do you spend your extra time or money)?
What would you most like to learn about in depth if you had the time (or, what have put off with your self-learning)?
If you were a business and could sell your knowledge or expertise, what kind of niche small business would you start?

2. Review your social media to determine your passion. 

What does Twitter say about a potential passion?

Identify your most used Twitter words with My Twitter Weighs a Ton.  Find out what words your followers use to describe you in their Twitter Lists using MustExist. 

What does your blog say about your passion?

Transform your blog posts into word cloud art using Wordle.  The most used words will appear larger.

3. Ask family, friends, and coworkers what passion(s) they see in your actions or behaviors.

4. Read these articles:

7 Questions to Finding Your True Passion by Frederic Premji, @INeedMotivation 

How to Find Your Passion by Leo Babauta, @Zen_Habits

The Short but Powerful Guide to Finding your Passion by Leo Babauta

How to Find Your Passion for Anything by Scott Young, @PicktheBrain

Get on with your geek self.

1. Define your passion. 

Write a statement that describes your focused special interest or passion.  Then identify all related keywords or tags that represent this passion.

2. Feed your passion.

Set up a Google Reader account and subscribe to the RSS content from likeminded geeks like you.

3. Share your passion (if not already doing so).

Start a blog about your passion.  Do not worry about an audience.  Just write for yourself and your passion.  The self-reflection will grow your passion and help in the realization of the benefits previously mentioned.

Sign up for an account on Twitter. Register your passion (or geek tags) at WeFollow and follow the “most influential” for those tags.  Follow likeminded tweeters.  Make a Twitter Top List of geeks like you.  Tweet about your passion.  Share your favorite quotes about your passion.  Share your blog posts and favorite web content about your passion. Engage others in your passion.  Continue to build your inner geek personal learning network using social media.

The take-away.

It is quick and easy for life to get overworked, overbooked, and over-the-hill before you know it.  Do not delay. Follow your inner geek, now.  The benefits of finding time to pursue your passion will make the rest of your work, home, and play life more enjoyable, more productive, and more successful.


“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ~ Albert Einstein

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” ~ Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

 “If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.” ~ T. Alan Armstrong


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