Fun Theory: The Speed Camera Lottery

Creative fun can change behavior. It is called the Fun Theory.

Good ideas are often fun for the creator and the benefactor. @TweetRightBrain


2 Comments on “Fun Theory: The Speed Camera Lottery”

  1. Annalie Killian says:

    I am speechless and bursting with excitement about this concept. I have just sent this link to Dr BJ Fogg Founder of the Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford University who is always on the lookout for examples of how we design technology for changing human behaviour, and your project hits all the right buttons of his behaviour change grid….everything from simplicity of design to motivators to ability to act to a trigger. Well done! I am going to use this as an example in the Creativity Tapas that I produce at AMP’s Amplify Festival. It is an outstanding example of convergence between creative approaches ( a flip on the mental model from fine to reward), psychology, emotional intelligence and social insight in terms of motivators and reward, design thinking (Both physical model as well as business model) ,analytical and scientific methodology ( ie measurement), physics ( executing /building a working and accurate solution). Congratulations.


  2. TonyKinard says:

    Using fun as a tactic to change a behavior such as speeding? Brilliant.


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