Celebrate the Small Things

When is the last time you recognized and celebrated a small success?

Well, that is too long.

My 9.5 month daughter, Lilyann, reminded me of this last week.  For several weeks she had tried to crawl properly, but kept tripping on her hands and falling on her face.

She did not give up.

She did not complain.

She just kept trying.

Luckily, the video camera was there to record this memorable event in the life of our first born.  The surprise came when she celebrated her small success with a smiling clap of her hands.

Lessons From Lily

As creatives, we often forget this final celebratory reaction to our creative output.

Why wait to celebrate that your new blog post received 1,000 visitors?  Instead, celebrate that it was written and posted.

Why wait to celebrate that your Twitter account reached a milestone with 5,000 followers?  Instead, celebrate each and every retweet.

Why wait to celebrate that you received a raise in pay or a promotion at work?  Instead, celebrate every good working day.

The Take-Away

Why wait to celebrate the big things?  Instead, learn to celebrate all the little things that may someday get you there.


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