The Butterfly Effect and a Young Mind’s Creative Thoughts About Studying


by Denny McCorkle

A primary school student in China recently wrote an essay about the “butterfly effect” and the repercussions of not studying enough by mid-term of the semester.

The essay begins with a concern and feelings of worry that if their intensive semester studying does not begin soon, the effects could be disastrous.

The Essay

Roughly translated from Chinese with the help of Google Translate and my wife, the essay goes something like this:

If I do not begin my studying soon, my parents will scold me because I do not work hard.

If I do not work hard, I will lose confidence and not read good books.

If I don’t read good books, I will not graduate from school.

If I do not graduate from school, I will not find a good job.

If I do not find a good job, I will not earn any money.

If I do not earn any money, there will be no money for me to pay taxes.

If I do not pay taxes, then teachers will not get paid well.

If teachers do not get paid well, the teachers will not be in a good mood to teach well.

If teachers are not in a good mood to teach well, it will adversely affect the future growth of China.

If the future growth of China is negatively affected, the Chinese nation will degenerate into a barbaric and savage nation.

If China becomes a barbaric and savage nation, the United States will become suspicious of China having weapons of mass destruction.

If China is suspected of having weapons of mass destruction, the United States will go to war with China.

If China goes to war with the United States, the third world war will breakout.

If the third world war breaks out, then one country will lack the strength to fight and instead use nuclear weapons.

If one country uses nuclear weapons, the earth’s natural environment will be destroyed.

If the earth’s natural environment is destroyed, it will break a big hole in the atmosphere.

If there is a big hole in the atmosphere, the earth’s temperature will rise.

If the earth’s temperature rises, the polar ice and glaciers will melt.

If the polar ice and glaciers melt, the earth’s water levels will rise.

If the earth’s water levels rise, all humanity and property will drown.

Therefore, for the safety of lives and property of all mankind, I will begin my studying today.

The Take-Away

If only we could all learn (or remember) how to think more creatively, the world would be a more peaceful and lovely place.



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