Aha! Words: from A to Z.

Aha Words by I Geek for Creativity

by Denny McCorkle

We think, write, speak and live with words. Our literacy is reflected in the number of words we know. Our life is reflected in the words we use.

Favorite words can:

Animate a smile.

Tickle the tongue.

Brainstorm a memory.

Sparkle an imagination.

Kaleidoscope the emotions.

Animate a mood.

Echo an attitude.

Dance with the inner child.

Play with the right brain.

Nudge an action.

Or, simply cause us to think or say: aha!

Over a multi-day period I reviewed my blog posts and other creative writings, listened to my thoughts, and jotted down the favorite words or phrases that I associated with inspiration, imagination, curiosity, creativity, or the creative process. I call these my Aha! Words.

Here is my list, from A to Z.


A aha, artist, art, artisan, actor, amaze, animation, astonish, amuse, adventure, analogy, association, ambidextrous, abstract, ambiguity, architect, avant-garde, au contraire, amuck, al fresco

B brainstorm, brainchild, breakthrough, balance, brainwave, brilliant, balderdash, brazen

C curiosity, creative, creativity, creative process, composition, crazy, childlike, cerebral, craft, clever, crisscross, chortle, caboodle, chinwag, carpe diem, catharsis, concoction, crescendo, celebration

D daydream, design, draw, dance, dreams, doodle, discovery, diversions, dare, divergent thinking, dreamtime, dazzling, dolce vita, doppelgänger

E eureka, exploration, exaggeration, esoteric, experiment, enthusiastic, engineer, extraordinary, eccentric, emotions, epiphany

F flow, fluency, fantasy, fairy tale, film, fun, feng shui, fandango, flamboyant, fantastic, fascination

G genius, gullible, game, gaudy, guffaw, gadzooks, gastronomy, giddy

H ha-ha, haiku, hobby, hilarious, happenstance, hodgepodge, hunky-dory, how

I imagination, ideas, innovation, incubation, invention, inspiration, intrigue, innocence, insightful, improvisation, ingenuity, intuition, introspection, illusion, idiosyncratic, impulsive, if, inquisitive, illumination, impromptu

J journey, juxtapose, jot, jester, jumpstart, joi de vive

K kaizen, karma, kismet, karaoke, kinky

L lateral thinking, laugh, learn, love, literature, labyrinth, lucid dreaming

M muse, mastermind, metaphor, musician, meditation, mind’s eye, myth, mind mapping, maestro, mindbender, mantra, mishmash, melodramatic, madcap, muddled, meander, mosaic, mischievous

N naive, nonsense, novelty, nurture, naked, nirvana

O originality, observation, origami, orchestration, outrageous

P play with your right brain, ponder, passionate, peculiarity, perspective, prodigy, poetry, photograph, paint, problem solving, prose, perchance

Q questions, quirky

R right brain, rebel, revolutionary, reinvention, randomness, reflection, resourcefulness, riddle, rhyme, rumination, reengineer, rendezvous, recess

S serendipity, sing, sketch, scribble, subconscious, sculpt, synthesize, synchronicity, spontaneous, sensei

T think outside the left brain, think outside the box, thespian, toys, theatrics, thrive, tai chi

U uninhibited, uniqueness, unexpected, unbelievable, unusual, unconventional, uncommon, unpredictable, unencumbered, uncovered, unabashed, ubiquitous

V visualization, vivid, virtuoso, voilà

W whole brained, write, writer, wonder, wanderlust, weird, wacky, wonderful, wit, whimsical, wabi sabi, wanderjahr, wunderkind, why

X xanadu

Y yin yang, yelp, yarn, yearn, yo-yo, yodel, yoga

Z zen, zeal, zany, zigzag, zoom, zeitgeist

Truman Capote said: ”To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music that words make.”



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