Got Creativity? Thinking Outside the Metaphors.

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by Denny McCorkle

It matters not what you call it.

1. Thinking outside the box (thanks Walt Disney).

2. Coloring outside the lines.

3. A light bulb.

4. A bolt of lightning.

5. Flying a kite.

6. A whack on the side of the head (thanks @RogervonOech).

7. Thinking naked.

8. Putting on the thinking cap.

9. Putting on the thinking hat (thanks Edward de Bono)

10. Tickling the muse.

11. Waking up the brainchild.

12.  Hatching the egg.

13.  Building a better mousetrap.

14.  Cracking the cerebellum.

15.  Toying with the imagination.

16.  Writing down the bones (thanks Natalie Goldberg).

17.  Tripping the light fantastic.

18.  Drinking from the fountain of you.

19.  Drawing on the right side of the brain (thanks Betty Edwards).

20.  Noshing on an “inspiration sandwich” (thanks @SusanAkaSark).

21.  At one with the right mind.

22.  Letting it all hang out.

23.  Quieting the lizard brain (thanks Seth Godin).

24.  Awakening the inner child.

25.  Flights of fancy.

26.  Capturing lightning in a bottle.

27.  Following the yellow brick road (thanks Wizard of Oz).

28.  Dreaming while awake.

29.  Going Picasso.

30.  Getting into the groove (thanks Madonna).

31.  Knocking the noggin.

32.  Lucy in the sky with diamonds (thanks Beatles).

33.  Dreaming in Technicolor.

34.  Riding on a beam of light (thanks Einstein).

35.  Monkeying with the mind.

36.  Thinking outside the left brain.

37.  Playing with the right brain.

38. Beanstorming (thanks @DonTheIdeaGuy)

39. Journey to aha!

40. Brainstorming the wild and wacky.

41. Brainzooming (thanks @Brainzooming)

It matters most that you just do it.

“An idea is a feat of association, and the height of it is a good metaphor.” Robert Frost
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