Creative Ad: “My Limo” by Da Rich Kidzz – YouTube

Kmart Presents: "My Limo" by Da Rich Kidzz – YouTube.

Forget Vine and Instagram videos. We all need a rap video. Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain


Creative Video: At Twitter, The Future is You! – YouTube

At Twitter, The Future is You! – YouTube.

Here is a creative video that is so funny and bad that it is good. Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

Creative Dance: The Pastels Tron Dance Show on YouTube

Sometimes you gotta dance. Sometimes you gotta glow in the dark. Or, both. Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

The Pastels Tron Dance Show | – YouTube.

Creative Ads: Ultimate Weird Japanese Commercials Compilation – YouTube

Ultimate Weird Japanese Commercials Compilation – YouTube.

In May I was in Japan for 10 days. It was my 10th or so visit. Everyday I will see unusually creative tv ads. With many, I cannot determine what is being sold, until my wife translates for me.

Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

Creative Ad: Honda “Hands” – on YouTube

I love Hondas and have owned 5 of them. Now, I love their ads (at least this one).

Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

Creative Video: Future Uses for Google Glass


via YouTube


Google Glass is cool and holds lots of potential for creative uses.

Some questions:

Can you wear Google Glass atop of regular eyeglasses without looking goofy?

Will too much looking up to the right corner cause eyestrain (or unbalanced vision)?

Will Google Glass make me more anti-social?

If Google Search can make us dumb, then how much lower can we go by using Google Glass?

So, if Google Glass does not make me look goofy, unbalanced, anti-social, or dumber, then I want one.

Just thinking.  Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

Creative Videos: for a Happy Mother’s Day


Via YouTube

Happy Mother’s Day to Moms everywhere!  Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain