Creative Ads: Ultimate Weird Japanese Commercials Compilation – YouTube

Ultimate Weird Japanese Commercials Compilation – YouTube.

In May I was in Japan for 10 days. It was my 10th or so visit. Everyday I will see unusually creative tv ads. With many, I cannot determine what is being sold, until my wife translates for me.

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29 Ways to Stay Creative [infographic]

If only you can regularly do a few of them…. @TweetRightBrain

Somebody That I Used to Know (Gotye – Cover) – YouTube

This collaboration sounds good, too. @TweetRightBrain

One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful (5 Piano Guys, 1 piano) – YouTube

Collaboration sounds good! @TweetRightBrain

10 Interactive Street Art Works That Rocked – My Modern Metropolis


The world is your canvas. @TweetRightBrain

How to Make a Wine Cork Portrait – Vimeo

Step one: drink a lot of wine.
Step two: save the corks.
Step three: give the corks to an artist because you will be to blotto to do anything put sleep.
Moral: alcohol does support creativity.

Parakeet Sings Andy Griffith Theme Song – YouTube

Rest in Peace, Andy. You gave us many childhood memories. @TweetRightBrain