Past Week Creativity Tweets Not to Miss

by Denny McCorkle

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But, you may have missed some of the best creativity tweets of the past week.

And, just for the creative fun of it:

Enjoy your new and potentially creative week!  Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

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Creative Ad: Toyota Let’s Go Places :60 – YouTube

via Toyota Let’s Go Places :60 – YouTube.

Listen to the message in this Toyota advert.  It provides a great 60 second lesson on the importance of being original and doing things and seeing things differently.  Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

Creativity according to Google Instant.

Creativity according to Google Instant. Creative Ideas & Inspiration Blog.

Ouch! Creativity makes my brain hurt, too.  Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

Play With Your Right Brain

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by Denny McCorkle

Please share my personal essay about creative discovery, loss, and renewal with your Facebook friends and Twitter Followers.  If you truly believe in the message, then you have my permission to embed it on your blog or website.

Comments are also appreciated and will encourage me to share more of my short stories about a discovering a more happily creative life ever after.  Thanks. Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

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There is more than one way to eat noodles. Try Lily style! – YouTube

There is more than one way to eat noodles.

You can:

1. wrap it around your finger and slide it in;

2. use a fork to swirl it onto a spoon;

3. grab it with chopsticks and drop it in; or

4. do it Lily style.

Takeaway: there is more than one way to do things. The traditional method may not be the best for everyone. Creativity helps you to find the other way and possibly a better way.

Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

The World We Explore by Sir Ken Robinson Zeitgeist Americas 2012 – YouTube

Education requires one answer. Life requires many answers. Education is left brained. Life is right brained. This difference is why schools fail on creativity. Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

Maira Kalman Thinking and Feeling – YouTube

Bored? Blocked? Idea constipated?
If so, then change your scenery.
Go somewhere. But, not the same old place.
Do something. But, not the same old thing.