Creative Ad: “My Limo” by Da Rich Kidzz – YouTube

Kmart Presents: "My Limo" by Da Rich Kidzz – YouTube.

Forget Vine and Instagram videos. We all need a rap video. Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain


Creative Ads: Ultimate Weird Japanese Commercials Compilation – YouTube

Ultimate Weird Japanese Commercials Compilation – YouTube.

In May I was in Japan for 10 days. It was my 10th or so visit. Everyday I will see unusually creative tv ads. With many, I cannot determine what is being sold, until my wife translates for me.

Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

Creative Ad: Honda “Hands” – on YouTube

I love Hondas and have owned 5 of them. Now, I love their ads (at least this one).

Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

Creative Ads: Crazy Foreign for Windows 8 on YouTube



Via YouTube


Creativity is not bounded by language or culture.  Microsoft’s new Asian videos for Windows 8 are good examples.  Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

Creative Ad: Toyota Let’s Go Places :60 – YouTube

via Toyota Let’s Go Places :60 – YouTube.

Listen to the message in this Toyota advert.  It provides a great 60 second lesson on the importance of being original and doing things and seeing things differently.  Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

Creative Ad: So Real it’s Scary – YouTube

Good creative demonstrations make good creative advertisements. Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

Creative Ad: Heineken – The Switch – YouTube

Are you more creative if you drink Heineken? Regardless, their adverts are always creative and enjoyable. @TweetRightBrain