Got Creativity? Thinking Outside the Metaphors.

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by Denny McCorkle

It matters not what you call it.

1. Thinking outside the box (thanks Walt Disney).

2. Coloring outside the lines.

3. A light bulb.

4. A bolt of lightning.

5. Flying a kite.

6. A whack on the side of the head (thanks @RogervonOech).

7. Thinking naked.

8. Putting on the thinking cap.

9. Putting on the thinking hat (thanks Edward de Bono)

10. Tickling the muse.

11. Waking up the brainchild.

12.  Hatching the egg.

13.  Building a better mousetrap.

14.  Cracking the cerebellum.

15.  Toying with the imagination.

16.  Writing down the bones (thanks Natalie Goldberg).

17.  Tripping the light fantastic.

18.  Drinking from the fountain of you.

19.  Drawing on the right side of the brain (thanks Betty Edwards).

20.  Noshing on an “inspiration sandwich” (thanks @SusanAkaSark).

21.  At one with the right mind.

22.  Letting it all hang out.

23.  Quieting the lizard brain (thanks Seth Godin).

24.  Awakening the inner child.

25.  Flights of fancy.

26.  Capturing lightning in a bottle.

27.  Following the yellow brick road (thanks Wizard of Oz).

28.  Dreaming while awake.

29.  Going Picasso.

30.  Getting into the groove (thanks Madonna).

31.  Knocking the noggin.

32.  Lucy in the sky with diamonds (thanks Beatles).

33.  Dreaming in Technicolor.

34.  Riding on a beam of light (thanks Einstein).

35.  Monkeying with the mind.

36.  Thinking outside the left brain.

37.  Playing with the right brain.

38. Beanstorming (thanks @DonTheIdeaGuy)

39. Journey to aha!

40. Brainstorming the wild and wacky.

41. Brainzooming (thanks @Brainzooming)

It matters most that you just do it.

“An idea is a feat of association, and the height of it is a good metaphor.” Robert Frost
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Aha! Words: from A to Z.

Aha Words by I Geek for Creativity

by Denny McCorkle

We think, write, speak and live with words. Our literacy is reflected in the number of words we know. Our life is reflected in the words we use.

Favorite words can:

Animate a smile.

Tickle the tongue.

Brainstorm a memory.

Sparkle an imagination.

Kaleidoscope the emotions.

Animate a mood.

Echo an attitude.

Dance with the inner child.

Play with the right brain.

Nudge an action.

Or, simply cause us to think or say: aha!

Over a multi-day period I reviewed my blog posts and other creative writings, listened to my thoughts, and jotted down the favorite words or phrases that I associated with inspiration, imagination, curiosity, creativity, or the creative process. I call these my Aha! Words.

Here is my list, from A to Z.


A aha, artist, art, artisan, actor, amaze, animation, astonish, amuse, adventure, analogy, association, ambidextrous, abstract, ambiguity, architect, avant-garde, au contraire, amuck, al fresco

B brainstorm, brainchild, breakthrough, balance, brainwave, brilliant, balderdash, brazen

C curiosity, creative, creativity, creative process, composition, crazy, childlike, cerebral, craft, clever, crisscross, chortle, caboodle, chinwag, carpe diem, catharsis, concoction, crescendo, celebration

D daydream, design, draw, dance, dreams, doodle, discovery, diversions, dare, divergent thinking, dreamtime, dazzling, dolce vita, doppelgänger

E eureka, exploration, exaggeration, esoteric, experiment, enthusiastic, engineer, extraordinary, eccentric, emotions, epiphany

F flow, fluency, fantasy, fairy tale, film, fun, feng shui, fandango, flamboyant, fantastic, fascination

G genius, gullible, game, gaudy, guffaw, gadzooks, gastronomy, giddy

H ha-ha, haiku, hobby, hilarious, happenstance, hodgepodge, hunky-dory, how

I imagination, ideas, innovation, incubation, invention, inspiration, intrigue, innocence, insightful, improvisation, ingenuity, intuition, introspection, illusion, idiosyncratic, impulsive, if, inquisitive, illumination, impromptu

J journey, juxtapose, jot, jester, jumpstart, joi de vive

K kaizen, karma, kismet, karaoke, kinky

L lateral thinking, laugh, learn, love, literature, labyrinth, lucid dreaming

M muse, mastermind, metaphor, musician, meditation, mind’s eye, myth, mind mapping, maestro, mindbender, mantra, mishmash, melodramatic, madcap, muddled, meander, mosaic, mischievous

N naive, nonsense, novelty, nurture, naked, nirvana

O originality, observation, origami, orchestration, outrageous

P play with your right brain, ponder, passionate, peculiarity, perspective, prodigy, poetry, photograph, paint, problem solving, prose, perchance

Q questions, quirky

R right brain, rebel, revolutionary, reinvention, randomness, reflection, resourcefulness, riddle, rhyme, rumination, reengineer, rendezvous, recess

S serendipity, sing, sketch, scribble, subconscious, sculpt, synthesize, synchronicity, spontaneous, sensei

T think outside the left brain, think outside the box, thespian, toys, theatrics, thrive, tai chi

U uninhibited, uniqueness, unexpected, unbelievable, unusual, unconventional, uncommon, unpredictable, unencumbered, uncovered, unabashed, ubiquitous

V visualization, vivid, virtuoso, voilà

W whole brained, write, writer, wonder, wanderlust, weird, wacky, wonderful, wit, whimsical, wabi sabi, wanderjahr, wunderkind, why

X xanadu

Y yin yang, yelp, yarn, yearn, yo-yo, yodel, yoga

Z zen, zeal, zany, zigzag, zoom, zeitgeist

Truman Capote said: ”To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music that words make.”


Play With Your Right Brain

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by Denny McCorkle

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The Butterfly Effect and a Young Mind’s Creative Thoughts About Studying


by Denny McCorkle

A primary school student in China recently wrote an essay about the “butterfly effect” and the repercussions of not studying enough by mid-term of the semester.

The essay begins with a concern and feelings of worry that if their intensive semester studying does not begin soon, the effects could be disastrous.

The Essay

Roughly translated from Chinese with the help of Google Translate and my wife, the essay goes something like this:

If I do not begin my studying soon, my parents will scold me because I do not work hard.

If I do not work hard, I will lose confidence and not read good books.

If I don’t read good books, I will not graduate from school.

If I do not graduate from school, I will not find a good job.

If I do not find a good job, I will not earn any money.

If I do not earn any money, there will be no money for me to pay taxes.

If I do not pay taxes, then teachers will not get paid well.

If teachers do not get paid well, the teachers will not be in a good mood to teach well.

If teachers are not in a good mood to teach well, it will adversely affect the future growth of China.

If the future growth of China is negatively affected, the Chinese nation will degenerate into a barbaric and savage nation.

If China becomes a barbaric and savage nation, the United States will become suspicious of China having weapons of mass destruction.

If China is suspected of having weapons of mass destruction, the United States will go to war with China.

If China goes to war with the United States, the third world war will breakout.

If the third world war breaks out, then one country will lack the strength to fight and instead use nuclear weapons.

If one country uses nuclear weapons, the earth’s natural environment will be destroyed.

If the earth’s natural environment is destroyed, it will break a big hole in the atmosphere.

If there is a big hole in the atmosphere, the earth’s temperature will rise.

If the earth’s temperature rises, the polar ice and glaciers will melt.

If the polar ice and glaciers melt, the earth’s water levels will rise.

If the earth’s water levels rise, all humanity and property will drown.

Therefore, for the safety of lives and property of all mankind, I will begin my studying today.

The Take-Away

If only we could all learn (or remember) how to think more creatively, the world would be a more peaceful and lovely place.


There is more than one way to eat noodles. Try Lily style! – YouTube

There is more than one way to eat noodles.

You can:

1. wrap it around your finger and slide it in;

2. use a fork to swirl it onto a spoon;

3. grab it with chopsticks and drop it in; or

4. do it Lily style.

Takeaway: there is more than one way to do things. The traditional method may not be the best for everyone. Creativity helps you to find the other way and possibly a better way.

Denny McCorkle @TweetRightBrain

Celebrate the Small Things

When is the last time you recognized and celebrated a small success?

Well, that is too long.

My 9.5 month daughter, Lilyann, reminded me of this last week.  For several weeks she had tried to crawl properly, but kept tripping on her hands and falling on her face.

She did not give up.

She did not complain.

She just kept trying.

Luckily, the video camera was there to record this memorable event in the life of our first born.  The surprise came when she celebrated her small success with a smiling clap of her hands.

Lessons From Lily

As creatives, we often forget this final celebratory reaction to our creative output.

Why wait to celebrate that your new blog post received 1,000 visitors?  Instead, celebrate that it was written and posted.

Why wait to celebrate that your Twitter account reached a milestone with 5,000 followers?  Instead, celebrate each and every retweet.

Why wait to celebrate that you received a raise in pay or a promotion at work?  Instead, celebrate every good working day.

The Take-Away

Why wait to celebrate the big things?  Instead, learn to celebrate all the little things that may someday get you there.

I Love You More Than Social Media

My dearest, I love you . . .

1. More than a narcissist loves Facebook.

2. More than Steve Jobs loves to kick Microsoft butt.

3. More than the Old Spice Guy loves himself.

4. More than Jeff Bezos loves the Kindle.

5. More than cats love LOL attention.

6. More than Lady Gaga loves YouTube.

7. More than Ashton Kutcher loves Twitter followers.

8. More than this guy loves double rainbows.

9. More than Seth Godin loves bad marketing.

10. More than Diet Coke loves Mentos.

11. More than Google loves serendipity.

12. More than Matt loves to dance around the world.

13. More than teens love to text.

14. More than this guy loves to mix it up.

15. More than Guy Kawasaki loves retweets.

16. More than Wikipedia loves a know-it-all.

17. More than smart phones love dumb apps.

18. More than Chris Brogan loves to evangelize.

19. More than shopping addicts love Amazon Prime.

20. More than deal mavens love Groupon.

21. More than the perpetually bored love Foursquare.

22. More than a blogger loves comments.

23. More than LinkedIn loves to network.

24. More than Dan Schawbel loves personal branding.

25. More than MySpace wants its audience back.

26. More than Mashable loves social media.

Bottom line from the bottom of my heart:

I love you more than words or social media can say. 

Have a delightfully happy Valentine’s Day.

The Take-Away.

Social media and the Web are ubiquitous tools for inspiration, insight, serendipity, learning, creativity, ideation, curating, sharing, connecting, networking, relationships, and communicating.

Share this blog post with someone you love more than you love social media/networking.  

And, spread your own Valentine’s Day creativity using the Twitter hashtag #ILoveYouMoreThan.


“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ~ Dr. Seuss

“Love is the poetry of the senses.”  ~ Honoré de Balzac

“Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.”  ~ Voltaire

“You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.” ~ Anonymous